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List of Code Breaker Skills   |   Absorption   |   Adhesion   |   Advanced Healing   |   Anti-Gravity   |   Assembly   |   Bioelectric Shock   |   Catfall   |   Chambara Martial Arts   |   Chameleon   |   Chi Mastery   |   Code Reading   |   Damage Resistance   |   Dark Vision   |   Decreased Life Support   |   Deletion   |   Density Control   |   Direct Link   |   Doppleganger   |   Duplication   |   Duplication   |   Elemental Immunity   |   Enhanced Climbing   |   Enhanced Concentration   |   Enhanced Fatigue   |   Enhanced Move   |   Enhanced Strength   |   Enhanced Time Sense   |   Extreme Acrobatics   |   Fatigue Conversion   |   Field Sense   |   Focus   |   Healing   |   Invisibility   |   Invisibility to Recording Devices   |   Morph   |   Oracle Sight   |   Penetrating Vision   |   Predictive Modeling   |   Shadow Form   |   Silence   |   Sixth Sense   |   Warp
Morph (20 CBP, 30 CBP)
The hacker can assume the form of any creature with an image of the creature or the actual creature present.  The hacker can also memorize a number of forms equal to his IQ.  Mass does not change (which means that damage impact attacks and the like may not be the same as the creature morphed into), although size may.  No mass (quills, acid breath, etc.) may leave the hacker's body in the morphed form.  At level 1, the creature must be an actual creature.
Level 2: The hacker may morph into an imaginary creature so long as he has spent at least 1 minute studying its form.  To succeed, a successful IQ check must be made.
Concentration: Yes, 5 seconds.
Fatigue:  2 per minute in morphed form.
Prerequisites: Warp, Doppleganger.
Matrix Disruption:  50%.