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Focus (10 points per increased turn per second)
Focus allows the character to move into “bullet time” by experiencing the Matrix code at a slowed down rate and acting as though moving at a rate faster than normal.  When Focus is used, the hacker enters an altered time rate performs a number of maneuvers equal to his Focus Speed.
Focus Speed:  This is how many turns the hacker experiences during one second.  All hackers begin with a Focus Speed of 3.  Every 10 CBP spent on this skill increases the Focus Speed by 1.  (Example, a hacker spending 20 CBP on Focus moves at an altered time rate of 5 turns per second every time Focus is used.)
The Focus skill can be used as many times as desired up to the maximum Fatigue.
While in bullet time, active defenses are at +1 per level of Focus Speed, and all reflex, acrobatics and similar maneuvers receive the same modifier.
Concentration:  Concentration counts as part of the turn announced and is combined with the Focus maneuvers performed in bullet time.
Fatigue:  3 per usage.  (Usage per jack in time limited per above.)
Prerequisites: None
Matrix Disruption: 20%.

There are three aspects to the Sixth Sense Ability:

(1) The "impending" of "impending attacks" is the key. Basically, this means that while being attacked, the hacker gets 2 added to his PD to account for the ability. Think of it as intuitively ducking or moving aside. It is not the same as a "danger sense" or something like that, so there's no real understanding if something may attack it in the near future.

(2) A hacker is aware of an AI passing within 30 feet of him. This requires him to concentrate momentarily (i.e. send a post to me saying he is trying to be aware of it). --My initial intent was to not have this requirement, but it's too hard logistically for me to remember to apply it all the time.

(3) The hacker gets an enhanced sense of deja-vu for any changes in the code perpetuated by Zero-One. This also requires a concentration (i.e. notice to me), although I may sometimes say that the hacker is aware of a certain change.