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Duplication (30 CBP)
Duplication allows the hacker to create a copy of himself within the Matrix code, each copy possessing full knowledge and powers of the character. Equipment is not copied.  Copies are not autonomous and quickly degenerate to primal survival instincts when a telepathic connection is severed, and its code will quickly disintegrate in ST x 3 seconds.
The copy can be in constant telepathic contact with the original, and the original controls the copy.  However, the original must sever telepathic contact (by announcing it) before the copy dies.  Otherwise, the shock to the original causes ½ full HT damage on a successful HT check (at current Health) or instant death to the physical form in the real world upon an unsuccessful HT check.  Cutting the telepathic connection requires 1-3 turns of Concentration.  Breaking telepathic concentration when the copy is unconscious causes no harm to an original.
Upon copy death, regardless of telepathic connection, the original is automatically stunned (roll v. IQ-6 to recover) and takes 1d damage (in addition to any damage caused by unsevered telepathic connection).
An original can re-merge with its copy and absorb any remaining Health left in the copy (up to full health).  Upon re-merging, the original retains all memories of the copy.
Concentration: Yes, 10 turns per copy or merge.
Fatigue:  5 Fatigue per copy creation and 5 Fatigue per merge.
Prerequisites: Doppleganger.
Matrix Disruption:  50%.