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Density Control
Density Control (30 CBP, 45 CBP)
The hacker can reduce his density so as to be insubstantial and walk through walls or other objects in the Matrix.  No physical attacks succeed as long as the hacker is insubstantial.  In the insubstantial state, the hacker has no need to breathe.  However, the hacker's residual image is affected by gravity and the solidity of the ground remains a constant (thus not negating damage from falls).
Level 2: The hacker may control which parts of his body or any objects he is touching become insubstantial during density control and may have it apply to his active defenses upon notice.  Level 2 also negates the Concentration requirement.  Level 2 also allows the hacker to increase the density of himself or any object he touches, doubling its weight as long as it is being touched.
Concentration: Yes, 1 second. (No, for Level 2.)
Fatigue:  2 per second.
Prerequisites: Super Jump 3.
Matrix Disruption:  75%.