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Deletion (40 CBP)
Deletion allows a hacker to disrupt the code and disintegrate “sprites” (i.e. objects).  The object touched appears to disintegrate and is erased from the code.  This applies to complete objects only, not partial objects.  A deletion sends a red flag to Zero-One and will almost certainly lead to investigation and correction.  Zero-One may reconfigure the object.  Assembly usually gives those perceiving it a flash of déjà vu.
Autonomous programs subject to Deletion get a Willpower/Computer Programming check (whichever is better) to retain their form and resist the attack. However, they will suffer damage equal to 2 times the current HT of the hacker even if the roll is successful.
Concentration: Yes, but may be done as part of a turn.
Fatigue:  1 per 30 kilograms deleted.
Prerequisites: Density Control, Level 1, OR Oracle Sight.
Matrix Disruption: 99%.