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Assembly (25 CBP)
Assembly is creation programming from inside the Matrix. It permits the user to create new objects from (apparently) thin air. The object or program created by this skill is persistent in the Matrix, even if the creator logs out or is killed (unless, of course, the object is disposable). The user of this skill must understand what he wishes to create and he must be touching the object at the time of creation.
An IQ check may be required to determine whether the hacker understands the nature of the object he is trying to create.  Use of this skill raises serious red flags in the Matrix code detectable by Zero-One.  Assembly usually gives those perceiving it a flash of déjà vu.
Concentration: Based on object (1+)
Fatigue: 1 per 30 kilograms assembled.
Prerequisites: Density Control, Level 1, OR Oracle Sight.
Matrix Disruption: 98%