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List of Code Breaker Skills   |   Absorption   |   Adhesion   |   Advanced Healing   |   Anti-Gravity   |   Assembly   |   Bioelectric Shock   |   Catfall   |   Chambara Martial Arts   |   Chameleon   |   Chi Mastery   |   Code Reading   |   Damage Resistance   |   Dark Vision   |   Decreased Life Support   |   Deletion   |   Density Control   |   Direct Link   |   Doppleganger   |   Duplication   |   Duplication   |   Elemental Immunity   |   Enhanced Climbing   |   Enhanced Concentration   |   Enhanced Fatigue   |   Enhanced Move   |   Enhanced Strength   |   Enhanced Time Sense   |   Extreme Acrobatics   |   Fatigue Conversion   |   Field Sense   |   Focus   |   Healing   |   Invisibility   |   Invisibility to Recording Devices   |   Morph   |   Oracle Sight   |   Penetrating Vision   |   Predictive Modeling   |   Shadow Form   |   Silence   |   Sixth Sense   |   Warp
Anti-Gravity (5, 12, 20, 40, 50 CBP)
The hacker subconsciously reprograms the Matrix code around his body to make him more resistant to gravity, purchased at the following levels:
Super Jump 1: Double normal jump distances.
Super Jump 2: Doubles Super Jump distance and allows for levitation up to 10 feet.
Super Jump 3: Doubles Super Jump 2 distances and creates no harm from landing from a jump (but not applicable to other falls).
Fly: The hacker can fly and hover at any altitude under complete control.  Flight speed is twice normal Move.  (This does not bestow the ability to do complex acrobatics and tight turns; the Flight skill is required for that.)
Super Flight: This doubles a hacker's flight speed and allows for full range movement and attacks as though on solid ground with no related negative modifiers.
Since jumping is performed by way of an upward arc, characters should be careful before attempting a super jump with a low ceiling.
Concentration: Yes, initially 1 second.
Fatigue:  1 per 10 seconds (allowing for multiple jumps).
Prerequisites: None.
Matrix Disruption:  (SJ 1: 0%); (SJ 2: 5%); (SJ 3: 10%); (Fly: 30%); (Super Flight: 50%).