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Advanced Healing
Advanced Healing
The hacker has the following attributes dependent on which type of advanced healing is purchased.  Each type may be purchased separately.
No Blood Loss: The hacker never suffers the effects of blood loss or bleeding. (5 CBP)
Brain Disembodiment:  The hacker may ignore knockout and stunning effects to the brain, head or jaw, and blows to the brain do not score quadruple.  (5 CBP)
No Vital Organs:  The hacker's residual image contains no need for vital organs, and any special effects for damage to the groin, kidneys or vitals are ignored and no bonus damage scored. (5 CBP)
Recovery: The hacker's residual image never loses consciousness up to negative HT.  After negative HT, unconsciousness is measured in seconds rather than minutes and the hacker may roll against HT to revive consciousness. (5 CBP)
Regeneration: The hacker has rapid healing and double the normal HT is restored for any healing or first aid attempt.  The hacker may also regenerate body parts on a successful HT score that restores at least ½ of normal HT or more on one attempt. (8 CBP)
Automatic Regeneration: (Prerequisite: Regeneration.) The hacker automatically begins reconfiguring his residual image after an injury as long as he is conscious, receiving 1 HT per turn and regenerating limbs when reaching over 50% normal HT. (20 CBP)
Resurrection:  (Prerequisite: Automatic Regeneration.)  The hacker's residual image cannot be killed.  He will automatically regenerate per the Automatic Regeneration ability regardless of consciousness.  However, the hacker's residual image may be “destroyed” per combat rules; short of destruction, the hacker's real world body cannot die due to death in the Matrix. (20 CBP)
Reincarnation:  (Prerequisite:  Resurrection.)  So long as his real body remains organically viable, the hacker may regain consciousness in the real world.  His programming code for his residual image mixes into the binary code of the Matrix upon destruction of his residual image body and reconfigures in HT number of hours at a point determined by the GM. (8 CBP)
Fatigue:  No.
Prerequisites:  Healing.
Matrix Disruption:  Depending on GM determination.