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Adhesion (12 CBP)
With this ability, a hacker can "link" the code of his Residual Image to any hard surface in the Matrix. This may be used to climb walls without gear and ensure important things (like handy cell phones or a teammate) aren't dropped into howling chasms.  If climbing walls, the hacker may only climb twice his ST in yards before resting for 1 minute without physical fatigue.
Move is halved while climbing on a wall or ceiling.  The hacker can stop at any point and stick to the surface without fear of falling.
If the hacker is falling and tries to grab a wall before hitting the ground, then if the wall is in reach, a DX check must be made to touch the wall. Then a successful ST check must be made (with modifiers of -1 for each 5 yards fallen).  If failed, 5 yards are still subtracted from the distance because of the slowing effect the failed attempt had on the fall.
Concentration: Yes.
Fatigue:  1 per 5 turns used (rounded up).
Prerequisites:  Enhanced Climbing, Level 1.
Matrix Disruption: 5%