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Code Breaker Skills
What are Code Breaker Skills?

These are special skills -- sometimes superhuman in quality -- that your character has learned by his ability to manipulate the Matrix.  These skills set your character apart from the average oblivious person in the Matrix.

Code Breaker skills are bought with Code Breaker Points and then used according to the description for each skill.

List of Code Breaker Skills

Here are a list of special Codebreaker Skills usable only in the Matrix.  (Note that these are often used like Advantages in GURPS instead of skills per se.)  If you have an idea of a Codebreaker Skill not on this list, ask permission from the GM.

Note that Codebreaker Skills can only be bought with Codebreaker Points (CBP).  They may not be bought with Character Points, which are used for skills.  However, you may convert Character Points to CBP points if you desire.  

3 CP = 1 CBP

In normal GURPS, advantages are not normally added after character creation.  However, as your character masters the Matrix code, he can learn the following abilities as Matrix Skills:

Codebreaker Fatigue

In Masters of the Matrix, two types of fatigue are used.  The first is the normal fatigue described in the GURPS rules.  The second is Codebreaker Fatigue (CB Fatigue).  

Manipulation of the Matrix is a strenuous effort.  It therefore takes at least 1 CB Fatigue per attempt to use a skill, unless specified otherwise.  Fatigue is measured by the Strength Score.  You receive a number of Fatigue points equal to your Strength upon jacking into the Matrix, and that Fatigue is used up each time a Code Breaker Skill is used.  Once Fatigue reaches 0, the character can no longer use any code breaker skills until after exiting the Matrix.

However, if you use all Codebreaker Fatigue points and still need to use Codebreaker Skills, then you can tap into your regular fatigue, but it will physically fatigue you as it does in the regular GURPS rules.  In other words, you get your strength points worth of CB fatigue for free, but after that it starts affecting you.

Important Note:  Whereas regular fatigue quickly disappears when your character rests, if you tap into regular fatigue to use CB skills, you will not regain that fatigue simply by resting.  You must jack out of the Matrix.  This means it will also continue to affect combat and physical skills in the Matrix as though you are constantly fatigued.  This is very important to keep in mind.

In your character sheet, make sure you have two attributes listed:
Fatigue: 10/13
CB Fatigue: 9/13

Remember, your basic fatigue is your basic Strength Score.  Therefore, unless you have enhancement, your fatigue and CB Fatigue base score should be equal.  Use of CB Fatigue does not affect regular fatigue, which is handled the same as in the GURPS rules.

Your CB Fatigue is fully regenerated each time you enter the Matrix.

Code Breaker Skills
What are Code Breaker Skills?

The following is a list of all Code Breaker skills in alphabetical order.
For an individual list of skills by hyperlink, click on List of Code Breaker Skills.

Use of Code Breaker Skills  
Unless specified otherwise, Code Breaker Skills are treated as Psi Skills under the GURPS Rulebooks.
Concentration:  Use of a Code Breaker Skill, unless specified otherwise, requires the user to take one turn of Concentration as his chosen maneuver for that turn.  
Fatigue: This describes how much CB Fatigue each CB Skill uses.
Prerequisites:  Some Code Breaker Skills build upon other skills.  Without first obtaining the prerequisite skill, the character cannot take the Code Breaker Skill.
Matrix Disruption:  This gives the percentage that will be rolled to see if the hacker's code changes raise any red flags with Zero-One.  If the percentage or lower is rolled, Zero-One is made aware of the action and its alarms are raised.  Most skills relating to altered perception do not alarm Zero-One, whereas skills modifying the Matrix code have the highest chance of alarming Zero-One.
Sometimes, touching objects or using skills will require skill checks not set out in the descriptions below.

List of Code Breaker Skills

Absorption (15 CBP per level)
The hacker can absorb kinetic energy (bullet, impact, blunt or piercing).  The energy is absorbed into the body and its code translates to a minor uninjurious blow depending on the level of absorption.
Level 1: The hacker absorbs 3d6+3 points of damage (such damage is ignored).
Level 2: The hacker absorbs all damage for his complete turn.
Level 3: The hacker absorbs all damage and converts that energy to heal any prior wounds.
The use of Absorption must be announced at the beginning of the turn.
Concentration:  No.
Fatigue:  2, 4, 6 respectively according to level.
Prerequisites: None.
Matrix Disruption:  0%

Adhesion (12 CBP)
With this ability, a hacker can "link" the code of his Residual Image to any hard surface in the Matrix. This may be used to climb walls without gear and ensure important things (like handy cell phones or a teammate) aren't dropped into howling chasms.  If climbing walls, the hacker may only climb twice his ST in yards before resting for 1 minute without physical fatigue.
Move is halved while climbing on a wall or ceiling.  The hacker can stop at any point and stick to the surface without fear of falling.
If the hacker is falling and tries to grab a wall before hitting the ground, then if the wall is in reach, a DX check must be made to touch the wall.  Then a successful ST check must be made (with modifiers of -1 for each 5 yards fallen).  If failed, 5 yards are still subtracted from the distance because of the slowing effect the failed attempt had on the fall.
Concentration: Yes.
Fatigue:  1 per 5 turns used (rounded up).
Prerequisites:  Enhanced Climbing, Level 1.
Matrix Disruption: 5%

Advanced Healing
The hacker has the following attributes dependent on which type of advanced healing is purchased.  Each type may be purchased separately.
No Blood Loss: The hacker never suffers the effects of blood loss or bleeding. (5 CBP)
Brain Disembodiment:  The hacker may ignore knockout and stunning effects to the brain, head or jaw, and blows to the brain do not score quadruple.  (5 CBP)
No Vital Organs:  The hacker's residual image contains no need for vital organs, and any special effects for damage to the groin, kidneys or vitals are ignored and no bonus damage scored. (5 CBP)
Recovery: The hacker's residual image never loses consciousness up to negative HT.  After negative HT, unconsciousness is measured in seconds rather than minutes and the hacker may roll against HT to revive consciousness. (5 CBP)
Regeneration: The hacker has rapid healing and double the normal HT is restored for any healing or first aid attempt.  The hacker may also regenerate body parts on a successful HT check that restores at least ½ of normal HT or more on one attempt. (8 CBP)
Automatic Regeneration: (Prerequisite: Regeneration.) The hacker automatically begins reconfiguring his residual image after an injury as long as he is conscious, receiving 1 HT per turn and regenerating limbs when reaching over 50% normal HT. (20 CBP)
Resurrection:  (Prerequisite: Automatic Regeneration.)  The hacker's residual image cannot be killed.  He will automatically regenerate per the Automatic Regeneration ability regardless of consciousness.  However, the hacker's residual image may be “destroyed” per combat rules; short of destruction, the hacker's real world body cannot die due to death in the Matrix. (20 CBP)
Reincarnation:  (Prerequisite:  Resurrection.)  So long as his real body remains organically viable, the hacker may regain consciousness in the real world.  His programming code for his residual image mixes into the binary code of the Matrix upon destruction of his residual image body and reconfigures in HT number of hours at a point determined by the GM. (8 CBP)
Fatigue:  No.
Prerequisites:  Healing.
Matrix Disruption:  Depending on GM determination.
Anti-Gravity (5, 12, 20, 40, 50 CBP)
The hacker subconsciously reprograms the Matrix code around his body to make him more resistant to gravity, purchased at the following levels:
Super Jump 1: Double normal jump distances.
Super Jump 2: Doubles Super Jump distance and allows for levitation up to 10 feet.
Super Jump 3: Doubles Super Jump 2 distances and creates no harm from landing from a jump (but not applicable to other falls).
Fly: The hacker can fly and hover at any altitude under complete control.  Flight speed is twice normal Move.  (This does not bestow the ability to do complex acrobatics and tight turns; the Flight skill is required for that.)
Super Flight: This doubles a hacker's flight speed and allows for full range movement and attacks as though on solid ground with no related negative modifiers.
Since jumping is performed by way of an upward arc, characters should be careful before attempting a super jump with a low ceiling.
Concentration: Yes, initially 1 second.
Fatigue:  1 per 10 seconds (allowing for multiple jumps).
Prerequisites: None.
Matrix Disruption:  (SJ 1: 0%); (SJ 2: 5%); (SJ 3: 10%); (Fly: 30%); (Super Flight: 50%).

Assembly (25 CBP)
Assembly is creation programming from inside the Matrix. It permits the user to create new objects from (apparently) thin air. The object or program created by this skill is persistent in the Matrix, even if the creator logs out or is killed (unless, of course, the object is disposable). The user of this skill must understand what he wishes to create and he must be touching the object at the time of creation.
An IQ check may be required to determine whether the hacker understands the nature of the object he is trying to create.  Use of this skill raises serious red flags in the Matrix code detectable by Zero-One.  Assembly usually gives those perceiving it a flash of déjà vu.
Concentration: Based on object (1+)
Fatigue: 1 per 30 kilograms assembled.
Prerequisites: Density Control, Level 1 OR Oracle Sight.
Matrix Disruption: 98%
Bioelectric Shock (5 CBP)
The hacker can generate an electric current in his body and inflict 1d electrical damage per touch against a target.  Also adds +3 to First Aid skill for CPR rolls.  The shock may travel through any metal item held by the hacker and add to any other damage caused by that object.
Concentration: No.
Fatigue:  1 per use.
Prerequisites: None.
Matrix Disruption: 15%.

Catfall (5 CBP)
The hacker braces and absorbs kinetic energy in a fall.  5 yards are subtracted from a fall automatically, and a successful DX roll halves damage from any fall.
Concentration: Yes.
Fatigue:  1 per use.
Prerequisites: None.
Matrix Disruption: 0%.

Chambara Martial Arts (10 CBP)
The hacker has trained to use martial arts with such fluidity within the Matrix that his body redirects the code to allow him to perform maneuvers otherwise impossible in the real world.
Purchasing this skill set simply allows the hacker access to the Chambara Martial Arts, which are purchased separately through normal character points.
Concentration: N/A.
Fatigue:  N/A.
Prerequisites: Any Martial Arts skill/style at 15 or above (note that level 15 is considered black belt level in GURPS).
Matrix Disruption:  N/A.

Chameleon (5 CBP/level)
The hacker reprograms his residual image to blend into his surroundings.  He receives a +2 per level to his Stealth skill when perfectly still, +1 when moving.  This advantage does not help in the dark or against someone relying on anything other than sight. During battle this skill confuses opponents who do not successfully make an IQ check and causes a -2 modifier for any physical attacks. Concentration:  Yes, 5 seconds.
Fatigue:  2 per use, and then 2 per every 10 minutes after the first 10 minutes.
Prerequisites: Doppleganger.
Matrix Disruption: 20%.

Chi Mastery (25, 35, 45 CBP)
The player has the ability to focus his Chi energy in the Matrix.  This ability has multiple skills associated with it, as described separately.
Click on Chi Mastery for a full description of how this skill is used.  
Concentration: Yes, at least one turn before using, but may perform actions normally during that turn.
Fatigue:  2 plus 1 for every level under 15 of the skill being utilized.
Prerequisites:  Chambara Martial Arts; Extreme Acrobatics.
Matrix Disruption:  Special.

Code Reading (5 CBP)
The hacker may briefly view the binary version of the Matrix code and determine whether an autonomous being is organic or an inorganic minion of Zero-One. This skill may also be used to determine any immediate ties, communications, or loyalties to Zero-One upon a successful IQ check.  (Such a check is a secret GM roll.)
Concentration: Yes.
Fatigue:  1 per use.
Prerequisites: Sixth Sense.
Matrix Disruption: None.  

Damage Resistance (3 CBP, 7 CBP, 15 CBP)
The hacker's body's surface is more dense and damage resistant, giving an inherent bodily DR the same as armor.
Level 1: DR 1
Level 2: DR 2
Level 3: DR 4
As with armor, damage is subtracted from damage done before the damage is multiplied for cutting or impaling weapons.
Concentration: No.
Fatigue:  Permanent -1 Fatigue.
Prerequisites: Elemental Immunity, Level 1.
Matrix Disruption:  0%.

Dark Vision (12 CBP)
The hacker perceives the code and siphons out light-related variables, so light-based programming within the visual spectrum has no effect on vision.  The hacker can see in absolute or any form of darkness or light as though it were normal light, and the hacker has no penalties for light-related modifiers.
Concentration: No.
Fatigue:  Permanent -1 Fatigue.
Prerequisites: None.
Matrix Disruption:  0%.

Decreased Life Support (8 CBP)
The hacker requires no food, water, air, or air pressure while jacked into the Matrix (although increased air pressure or other crushing effects would apply).
Concentration: Yes.
Fatigue:  1 per required minute of usage (lack of air, etc.), rounded up.
Prerequisites: None.
Matrix Disruption:  0%.

Deletion (40 CBP)
Deletion allows a hacker to disrupt the code and disintegrate “sprites” (i.e. objects).  The object touched appears to disintegrate and is erased from the code.  This applies to complete objects only, not partial objects.  A deletion sends a red flag to Zero-One and will almost certainly lead to investigation and correction.  Zero-One may reconfigure the object.  Assembly usually gives those perceiving it a flash of déjà vu.
Autonomous programs subject to Deletion get a Willpower/Computer Programming check (whichever is better) to retain their form and resist the attack. However, they will suffer damage equal to 2 times the current HT of the hacker even if the roll is successful.
Concentration: Yes, but may be done as part of a turn.
Fatigue:  1 per 30 kilograms deleted.
Prerequisites: Density Control, Level 1 OR Oracle sight.
Matrix Disruption: 99%.

Density Control (30 CBP, 45 CBP)
The hacker can reduce his density so as to be insubstantial and walk through walls or other objects in the Matrix.  No physical attacks succeed as long as the hacker is insubstantial.  In the insubstantial state, the hacker has no need to breathe.  However, the hacker's residual image is affected by gravity and the solidity of the ground remains a constant (thus not negating damage from falls).
Level 2: The hacker may control which parts of his body or any objects he is touching become insubstantial during density control and may have it apply to his active defenses upon notice.  Level 2 also negates the Concentration requirement.  Level 2 also allows the hacker to increase the density of himself or any object he touches, doubling its weight as long as it is being touched.
Concentration: Yes, 1 second. (No, for Level 2.)
Fatigue:  2 per second.
Prerequisites: Super Jump 3.
Matrix Disruption:  75%.

Direct Link (5 CBP)
The hacker does not need a hard line to jack out of the Matrix but may instead do so at will.  Jacking in, however, requires access to a hard line.  In addition, the hacker may touch an Awakened being and jack that person out of the Matrix.
Concentration: Yes.
Fatigue:  4 per use.
Prerequisites:  Oracle Sight.
Matrix Disruption:  80%.  

Doppleganger (10 CBP)
The hacker can alter his physical code to resemble the facial characteristics and equipment of any other human form.  Because it is an illusion, no equipment or other items are usable in their altered appearance, although they will mask current equipment.  To use Doppleganger, the hacker must concentrate on a picture or have a clear view of the subject to be mimicked.
Concentration: Yes, 5 seconds per mimic (and 5 seconds to turn back).
Fatigue:  1 per use, and then 1 for every 10 minutes of continued use after the first 10 minutes.
Prerequisites: None.
Matrix Disruption:  30%.

Duplication (30 CBP)
Duplication allows the hacker to create a copy of himself within the Matrix code, each copy possessing full knowledge and powers of the character. Equipment is not copied.  Copies are not autonomous and quickly degenerate to primal survival instincts when a telepathic connection is severed, and its code will quickly disintegrate in ST x 3 seconds.
The copy can be in constant telepathic contact with the original, and the original controls the copy.  However, the original must sever telepathic contact (by announcing it) before the copy dies.  Otherwise, the shock to the original causes ½ full HT damage on a successful HT check (at current Health) or instant death to the physical form in the real world upon an unsuccessful HT check.  Cutting the telepathic connection requires 1-3 turns of Concentration.  Breaking telepathic concentration when the copy is unconscious causes no harm to an original.
Upon copy death, regardless of telepathic connection, the original is automatically stunned (roll v. IQ-6 to recover) and takes 1d damage (in addition to any damage caused by unsevered telepathic connection).
An original can re-merge with its copy and absorb any remaining Health left in the copy (up to full health).  Upon re-merging, the original retains all memories of the copy.
Concentration: Yes, 10 turns per copy or merge.
Fatigue:  5 Fatigue per copy creation and 5 Fatigue per merge.
Prerequisites: Doppleganger.
Matrix Disruption:  50%.

Elemental Immunity (12 CBP, 25 CBP)
The hacker is immune to temperature changes.  He takes no damage from fire or cold.  The hacker must concentrate for one second or indicate 1-3 turns in advance that he will concentrate on this as a passive defense.
At level 2, the hacker is also immune from all acid, electrical, poison, radiation, tear gas, smoke inhalation, and any other environmental contaminants.
Concentration: Yes.
Fatigue: 1 per use per second.  
Prerequisites: None.
Matrix Disruption: 10%.

Enhanced Climbing (2 CBP/level)
The hacker's residual image improves its climbing ability and adds 1 to his Move when climbing.  This can be combined with Adhesion or other related abilities.
Concentration: Yes.
Fatigue:  1 per 10 seconds.
Prerequisites: None.
Matrix Disruption:  None.

Enhanced Concentration (15 CBP)
The hacker is so attuned to his skills in the Matrix and so prepared to use his Code Breaker Skills that he can automatically perform any abilities without any concentration time (unless noted otherwise).  To negate the Concentration requirement, a successful IQ roll must be made.  Modifiers may be applied for stressful situations (such as battle).
Concentration: None.
Fatigue:  1 per successful use.
Prerequisites: None.
Matrix Disruption:  None.

Enhanced Fatigue (15 CBP)
The hacker has so trained and focused his mental energies in Matrix practice simulations that he takes CBP Fatigue at only half the normal rate, rounded up.
Concentration:  Automatic.
Fatigue:  0.
Prerequisites: None.
Matrix Disruption:  0%.

Enhanced Move (10 CBP)
Enhanced Move augments a character's quickness to unnatural levels by increasing the base Move score.  It adds 5 to the base movement rate per Speed Enhancement purchased.  This skill may be purchased multiple times.  Enhanced Move increases the running abilities of the hacker only, not any other abilities referring to Move except those related directly to running (e.g. jumping).  In some cases, such as Dodge checks, a fast Move may create negative reactive modifiers.  While moving at enhanced speed, attackers with ranged weapons suffer appropriate penalties.
Concentration: Yes.
Fatigue:  1 per 5 seconds used.
Prerequisites: None.
Matrix Disruption:  5%.

Enhanced Strength (10 CBP)
When used, the hacker can temporarily enhance his Strength score.  Using this skill requires the player to announce in advance.
Concentration: No.
Fatigue:  1 Fatigue per 5 ST bonus per 5 seconds of use.  (Ex. 12 ST + 5 Bonus=17 ST for 5 seconds, 1 FPt; 12 ST + 10 Bonus=22 ST for 5 seconds, 2 F Pt's; 12 ST +10 Bonus=22 ST for 10 seconds, 4 F Pt's.)
Prerequisites: None.
Matrix Disruption:  15%.

Enhanced Time Sense (10 CBP)
When used, this allows the hacker to respond to any enemies in the Focus State as though they moved in normal time.  Although the hacker himself does not enter “bullet time,” his reactions to attacks from enemies in bullet time have no modifiers for any enemies moving at his Focus Speed or less.  For each extra turn of Focus Speed, the hacker has only a -1 modifier to reaction checks.
Concentration: No.  Hacker must announce if he is not using.
Fatigue:  1 per usage unless hacker has announced he is not using the skill.
Prerequisites: Focus Speed of at least 4.
Matrix Disruption:  0%.

Extreme Acrobatics (10 CBP)
This skill allows the hacker to perform feats of acrobatic skill by riding the Matrix code.  The player must describe the feat the character is attempting, and his character will perform it with a successful Acrobatics check.  This skill is particularly useful for grabbing hold of items after jumping or while in mid-movement.
It also creates a movement modifier of -2 to all attacks if used as a defensive maneuver.
This skill can be used in conjunction with other related skills, such as Enhanced Jump, but it does not in itself allow for any abilities beyond the hacker's jacked in abilities.  This skill also allows the hacker to perform other functions during the acrobatics skill (such as firing a weapon) with no additional penalties.
Concentration: Yes.
Fatigue:  1 per use.
Prerequisites: Acrobatics Skill Level at 15+.
Matrix Disruption: 0%.

Fatigue Conversion (10 CBP)
The hacker can convert HT to Fatigue to perform Code Breaker Skills in the Matrix.  Such HT is lost from the hacker's hit points.  Conversely, the hacker may also convert Fatigue into HT to heal himself (as opposed to the 1 Fatigue per 2 Health healed for the Healing skill).
Concentration: Yes.
Fatigue:  As noted.
Prerequisites: None.
Matrix Disruption:  0%.

Field Sense (5 CBP)
The hacker is tuned into the electromagnetic fields of the Matrix code.  He has Absolute Direction and can sense whether power is flowing through any device he touches.
Concentration: No.
Fatigue:  None.
Prerequisites: None.
Matrix Disruption:  None.

Focus (10 points per increased turn per second)
Focus allows the character to move into “bullet time” by experiencing the Matrix code at a slowed down rate and acting as though moving at a rate faster than normal.  When Focus is used, the hacker enters an altered time rate performs a number of maneuvers equal to his Focus Speed.
Focus Speed:  This is how many turns the hacker experiences during one second.  All hackers begin with a Focus Speed of 3.  Every 10 CBP spent on this skill increases the Focus Speed by 1.  (Example, a hacker spending 20 CBP on Focus moves at an altered time rate of 5 turns per second every time Focus is used.)
The Focus skill can be used as many times as desired up to the maximum Fatigue.
While in bullet time, active defenses are at +1 per level of Focus Speed, and all reflex, acrobatics and similar maneuvers receive the same modifier.
Concentration:  Concentration counts as part of the turn announced and is combined with the Focus maneuvers performed in bullet time.
Fatigue:  3 per usage.  (Usage per jack in time limited per above.)
Prerequisites: None.
Matrix Disruption: 20%.

Healing (12 CBP)
The hacker reprograms the Matrix code around himself or another residual image he touches to reconfigure and repair damage to the code.
Concentration:  Yes, 1 second per each HT point healed.
Fatigue:  1 per every 2 HT healed, rounded up.
Prerequisites: None.
Matrix Disruption:  15%.

Invisibility (10 CBP, 18 CBP)
The hacker alters his code so that all spectators cannot see him.  The hacker may move and attack normally while in the invisible state.
Level 2:  The hacker may designate spectators who do see his form (such as party members) and block out the rest of the Matrix.  The hacker may also perform this without the requisite second of Concentration.
Concentration: Yes, 1 second.  (No, for Level 2.)
Fatigue:  3 per 10 seconds of invisibility, 1 per second if during a stressful activity (extreme dangerous activity, combat).
Prerequisites: Density Control, Level 1, and Chameleon.
Matrix Disruption:  60%.

Invisibility to Recording Devices (8 CBP)
The hacker's residual image is programmed in such a way that it will not be picked up by any recording devices (e.g. video cameras, alarm motion detection devices).  Electronically targeted weapons lose all to hit bonuses.
Concentration: Yes.
Fatigue:  1 per 5 seconds.
Prerequisites: None.
Matrix Disruption:  0%.

Morph (20 CBP, 30 CBP)
The hacker can assume the form of any creature with an image of the creature or the actual creature present.  The hacker can also memorize a number of forms equal to his IQ.  Mass does not change (which means that damage impact attacks and the like may not be the same as the creature morphed into), although size may.  No mass (quills, acid breath, etc.) may leave the hacker's body in the morphed form.  At level 1, the creature must be an actual creature.
Level 2: The hacker may morph into an imaginary creature so long as he has spent at least 1 minute studying its form.  To succeed, a successful IQ check must be made.
Concentration: Yes, 5 seconds.
Fatigue:  2 per minute in morphed form.
Prerequisites: Warp, Doppleganger.
Matrix Disruption:  50%.

Oracle Sight (6 CBP)
The hacker views the binary form of the Matrix code and can detect and pinpoint where any specific target is at any given time.  (Can be used in conjunction with Predictive Modeling and other related skills.)  When used, this skill gives the hacker a +3 bonus on any checks to find hidden or secret objects.
Concentration: Yes.
Fatigue:  1 per use.
Prerequisites: Code Reading; Field Sense; Penetrating Vision.
Matrix Disruption: 0%.  

Penetrating Vision (8 CBP)
The hacker can align the code of his residual image to see through solid objects in the Matrix.  The hacker may see through up to 6 inches of solid matter.
Concentration: Yes.
Fatigue:  1 per every 5 seconds.
Prerequisites: None.
Matrix Disruption:  0%.

Predictive Modeling (7 CBP)
The hacker may attempt to “predict” how Zero-One will react and how its strategy and moves are most likely to be coordinated, including those of its Agents and interior programs.  Although not always perfectly reliable, the hacker may often determine at least a trend or basic understanding of motivations.  This ability also helps the hacker predict which would be the best escape routes or most successful plans of attack.
Concentration: Yes.
Fatigue:  1 per use.
Prerequisites: Sixth Sense.
Matrix Disruption: None.  

Shadow Form (10 CBP)
The hacker can morph his body into a thin dark substance perceived as a shadow by any viewers.  The hacker must follow three dimensional space and slide along objects, but may slide through small cracks.  This ability may be used in conjunction with Adhesion, Fly, or similar abilities, but it does not by itself allow the hacker to defy gravity or climb a steep wall.  Physical attacks do half damage in this form.
Concentration: Yes, 5 seconds.
Fatigue:  2 per 5 seconds in shadow form.
Prerequisites: Morph, Level 1.
Matrix Disruption:  50%.

Silence (6 CBP)
The hacker can dampen the sound waves emanating from his body and anything his body touches and remain completely silent.  All Stealth rolls are made at +2.
Concentration: Yes.
Fatigue:  1 point per 10 seconds.
Prerequisites: None.
Matrix Disruption:  None.

Sixth Sense (15 CBP)
The hacker has a sensitivity to dangers to his residual image in the Matrix that warns against impending attacks.  This adds a PD of 2 to the hacker.  If a machine construct (such as an Agent) passes within 30 feet, the hacker is instantly aware of this.  (Sixth sense may be purchased multiple times at 15 CBP each, but each additional purchase only adds an addition 2 to PD.)
Sixth Sense also gives the hacker an enhanced sense of déjà vu if any changes in the code are perpetuated by Zero-One.
Concentration: Automatic.
Fatigue:  None.
Prerequisites: None.
Matrix Disruption:  None.

Warp (“There is no spoon.”) (7 CBP)
Upon touching any physical object in the Matrix, the hacker can warp the shape of the object (regardless of its composition).  Generally, this results in rendering the object useless.  This skill may not be used against autonomous beings.
Concentration: Yes, as part of a turn.
Fatigue:  1 per use.
Prerequisites: None.
Matrix Disruption:  20%.