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Combat Modifiers
Take your basic "To Hit" Score and tack on the following modifiers:

For Special Modifiers relating to Automatic Weapons, click here.

Cover Modifiers: (-2 to -7) Here are the modifiers for firing at someone behind cover:

Head exposed: -5 to hit
Head and shoulders: -4
Half of body: -3
Light cover (bushes, trees)=-2
Behind a person/hostage= -4
Lying prone with no cover= -4
Lying prone, minimum cover, head up=-5
Lying prone, minimum cover, head down= -7
Crouching or kneeling, no cover= -2

Accuracy Modifiers: (According to weapon) Some weapons are more accurate and may have an accuracy modifier to add.  This means that if you take a turn to aim, the accuracy modifier can be added back to negate any negative modifiers (up to your original to hit score).  Example:  Beretta has Acc of 3.  John has a to hit score of 12, but there is a -2 modifier for cover.  He takes a turn to aim and negates that modifier (12-2+3=13, but it cannot be higher than his original 12, so final To Hit=12.)

Weapon Accuracy Modifiers (for weapons used to date):
Beretta:       3
AK-47:         7
M-16:         11
Thompson:  7

SnapShot Penalty: (-4) If you do not take a turn to aim, you have an automatic -4 snapshot penalty (unless you have a fast draw skill or the like).  Weapons have an "ss" value.  Ignore this.  We always have snapshot penalties in this game unless there is a special skill (house rule).

Distance Modifiers:  The following is a speed/range table with an example of how to use it:

Example 1:  Your target is an automobile (5 yards long=+3 to hit).  It is 40 yards away (-8 modifier).  Your total to hit would be at -5.

Example 2:  Same car (+3), same distance (40 yds).  Only now it is also moving at 30 mph.  30 mph=15 yards per second (1/2 mile per hour=yard per second).  40 yards (distance) is added to 15 yards (speed)= 55 yards.  55 yards rounds up to 70, giving a -9 modifier.  The cumulative modifier= -9 + -3 = -6.

Humans are 2 yds and therefore have no size modifier.  It is doubtful you will see a normal human ever moving fast enough on foot to ever add more than -1 modifier, but an Agent might.

Called Shot: Subtract the following values if you aim for a specific part of the body:

Body Part:
Brain: -7
Head: -5
Eyes: -9
Eyes (through eyeslits): -10
Shield (far arm): -4
Hand: -4
Weapon (near) arm: -2
Torso: 0
Far Leg: -2
Near leg: -2
Foot: -4
Vital Organs (in torso): -3

Weapon (as your called shot):
Most weapons= -4
Polearm, rifle, spear, greatsword= -3
Pistol, knife, etc.= -5

Recoil: (By weapon) Recoil acts as follows:

Single shot weapons: Recoil applies for "successive" shots, meaning it doesn't apply until the second shot (and resets to zero if you take a turn to aim again).  Single shot weapons/settings have the same recoil for each shot (not cumulative).

Automatic weapons:  Recoil applies at the beginning of the first group of bullets for guns in automatic setting.  Automatic weapons have cumulative recoil (meaning recoil gets worse each round of continued automatic fire).  The automatic weapon cumulative penalty resets when a turn is taken to aim the weapon again.  

The following are recoil penalties in the weapons so far:

Beretta:       -1
AK-47:        -1
M-16:          -1
Thompson: -3

Recoil numbers are doubled for a base skill level below 12 and/or for each point of ST below that required for the weapon (cumulatively).

Bracing: (+1) Bracing a weapon adds an additional +1 if you take a turn to aim.

Higher Target: (+1)  This modifier is added to the range chart above.

Opportunity Fire: This modifier applies if you use the Step and Wait maneuver.  You may watch a specified area for targets and apply the following modifiers (Note that this includes the snap shot penalty):

Evaluate Target before Firing: -2
One hex being watched: -2
Two hexes being watched: -4
Three to four hexes being watched (or all hexes along a line): -5
5-6: -6
7-10: -7
More than 10: -8

Pop Up Attack:  (-2) This is in addition to -4 snapshot penalty. Total= -6.

Firing on the Move:  If you fire while moving, the following modifiers apply:

Walking: -1
Running: -2

You may have no more than one aiming bonus if you fire while moving.

Shooting Blind: (-10 or 9, whichever is worse).

Unfamiliar weapon of known type: -2

Weapon in bad repair: (-4 and up)

Other conditions/modifiers:  As determined by GM.