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AIMING: If you do not aim, you fire a "Snap Shot" which is at a -4 penalty. If you aim for 1 turn, there is no penalty.  In other words, it takes one second of aiming for your basic skill to kick in. You may aim for up to an additional 3 seconds for a +1 bonus each second. (Therefore, your "to hit" could be your score with the weapon up to +3 for ranged weapons.)

The RoF (rate of fire) for a weapon determines how many rounds it fires each turn, modified by its recoil.

Example:  Walbert has a beretta (RoF=3, Rcl=1).  He raises the weapon ("readies" it) (1 turn), aims it (1 turn), and fires three successive times (1 second).  Let's say his skill is a 12.  He aims so does not get a snap shot penalty (which would have reduced it to 8).  Assuming no other modifiers, he fires the first shot against a skill of 12, the second against a skill of 11, and the third against a skill of 11.  He must aim/rest for one second before taking away that penalty.  

If Walbert decided to fire only one shot in that third turn, he could fire immediately at the next turn with no recoil penalty and without the pause for aiming (i.e. without a snap shot penalty), or he could take more careful aim (for a bonus or aiming at a specific body part).

The beretta has a strength minimum of 9.  If Walbert has an 8 strength, then the recoil penalty is doubled (-2, -4, -6 etc.) and the required rest period is doubled (i.e. 2 seconds).