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Automatic Weapons
Does your weapon have "selective fire"?  This means that is may be used as an automatic or single shot weapon.

If you need to change the weapon from automatic to single shot (or vice versa), this will be one turn.

If you have it or change it to single shot, then go to: Single Shot Weapons

Do you need to see your Weapon Statistics?

Do you need advice on Aiming? (1 turn aiming to avoid snap shot penalty, 1 turn extra [up to 3] to gain +1 to hit)

Automatic Fire:

Burst Group: It is unusual for all rounds of a burst to hit a target. To game this, the burst is divided into groups of up to four shots. A separate roll to hit is made for each group fired. The firer rolls against Guns skill, modified by the Recoil of the weapon. (A critical hit with a group of shots is a hit with all the rounds. One shot does damage according to the Critical Hit Table. Likewise, a critical miss with a group means one roll on the critical miss table.)

Example: At a 10 RoF, you roll three times for that round, representing 2 bursts of 4 rounds each and 1 with 2 rounds. (For those who are not firearms savvy, 1 round=1 bullet.) You compare each of these groups of rounds with the chart above and roll for damage according to how many of those bullets actually hit.

Special Automatic Weapon Actions:

Aiming Successive Groups: An automatic weapon firer can use his weapon like a hose, aiming even as he fires, as long as he can see where his rounds are going. After one four-shot group, this adds the weapon's accuracy bonus. Each successive group fired this way also gives +1 for aiming, up to the maximum +3 for aiming. Automatic weapons can use this "garden hose" effect even when firing on the move, if the firer watches his target while running. However, except on the flattest ground, this requires a roll v. DX or vision (whichever is worse) every turn to avoid a fall.

Area Effect: Automatic weapons can be fired against several targets in one burst. All these targets must be within a 30 degree angle (and within 5 yards apart, 15 yards from the firer). The targets must be engaged in succession, and the firer must announce, before rolling to hit, how many rounds he will use on each one. Calculate the attack separately for each target. If the targets are more than one yard apart, traversing between targets wasts some rounds. For RoF of 16 or below, one round is lost for each yard between targets. For RoF over 16, two rounds are lost for each yard.