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Melee Attacks
Melee is somewhat different from ranged battle. There are many maneuvers available, and unlike ranged weapons, attacks can be made every round in many instances with light weapons (not with axes or heavy weapons that need readying after each use). (As described earlier, the same is true with guns, but you lose aiming benefits.)

All-out attack: In this melee attack, you cannot use your active defenses, but you get to choose one of the following four options:

(a) Make two attacks against the same foe (if you have two ready weapons or one that does not need to be readied after use).

(b) Make one feint and one attack.

(c) Make a single attack at a +4 bonus to your skill.

(d) Make a single attack, at normal skill, doing +2 damage if you hit.

Step and attack: This is your basic attack. You get to attack once with a readied weapon and use active defenses. Basically, it means you step up to one hex and attack. This maneuver is also listed as a ranged weapon attack, but movement will affect aim.