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Knockdowns, Stuns, and Shock
Knockdown/Stuns: If you are hit for more than half your health, you must roll against HT. If you fail, you fall down and are stunned. If you succeed, you do not fall down but you are still stunned. (This is not a "knockback," which is different.)

Stuns are caused by a knockdown or a critical hit and certain other blows. If stunned, all active defenses are at -4 for 3 seconds. From there, you make HT rolls every 3 seconds to determine if you recover. (Note that this is physical stunning. Mental stunning occurs for surprised foes.)

SHOCK: At this point, I am not introducing the shock rules, but I may do so at a future date. (This reduces DX and IQ equal to the amount of damage sustained.  In some cases, characters would not be able to attack or think clearly at all.)