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The Focus Skill

The Matrix is a construct.  As you master it, with concentration, you are able to move faster than the average person.  As you gain experience, you will be able to move faster and faster and focus for longer periods of time, called “bullet time.”

PC's begin with a (1)3/1 Focus Skill.  This means that each time you jack into the Matrix, you can Focus one time at 3 times normal speed.  The following illustrates how this works:

Maverick has a (2)5/1 Focus Skill (i.e. he may move at 5-to-1 speed twice while jacked in).  He might post the following:

“This round I will use my focus skill to (1) elbow Animus in the face, (2) fire my pistol at Animus, (3) fire again, (4) run full speed toward the door, and (5) fire back at him again from the doorway.”  This will reduce Maverick to a (1)5/1 Focus Skill for the rest of the time he is jacked into the Matrix.  He may use his focus one more time while in the Matrix.  (Note that whether NPC's use bullet time, if they can, is determined immediately after I post a move, so it will not be dependent on your PC's--no cheating GM!)

How to increase this skill will be provided at a later date.  Note that if Animus also had a focus skill and was using it at that moment, it might not give Maverick an edge; it might just help him keep up!