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What is On-Line Roleplaying?
"Leave your fantasies at the door, boys and girls.  You're jacking into the Matrix."

On-line roleplaying is a game where each player takes the role of a character he creates. The actions, dialogue, and movements of the character are posted on an on-line bulletin board (BLOG), where the Game Master (GM) determines the outcome of each post.
Each player ONLY controls his or her own character (PC) and adds his own part to the story though this character. The GM will usually roleplay any characters not assigned to another player (NPC's). The game moves forward at approximately one round every day or every other day.

The game runs much like an improvised play. The story unfolds spontaneously based on the PC's actions. They generally, but not always, work as a team trying to solve a common goal. This is an on-going story. The players decide, based on the information and setting provided by the GM, where their adventures will take them.