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Regular Fatigue

This is how regular fatigue points work in GURPS.  Note that this is not CB Fatigue, which is described elsewhere, but this will apply to physical exertions within the Matrix as well as outside the Matrix.

Your base fatigue score is your strength score.

A Basic Walkthrough:

After a battle lasting more than 10 seconds, fatigue is calculated on a 1-5 point basis depending on your encumbrance. A very long and/or strenuous battle may cost more based on GM discretion. Other modifiers (such as fighting in heat) may also apply.

For each hour of road travel, fatigue the same as above.

Running or Swimming
After 100 yds, roll v. HT. A failure means lose 1 fatigue. (Not affected by encumbrance, as that only affects speed.)

Too much encumbrance, pushing/pulling a heavy load, etc. costs 1 fatigue per turn. Some cost 1 fatigue per attempt.

Losing Sleep
5 Fatigue for a night without sleep. Half night costs 2 fatigue

Fatigue can be gained back by resting quietly; 10 minutes per point of Fatigue. Lost sleep fatigue is regained by a full night's sleep. Drugs and other things may also affect fatigue.