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I want to join the game. Will you accept me?

If you are enthusiastic and will commit to post daily or at least every other day for a long term commitment, then I will almost surely find a way to fit you in regardless of your experience level.

But I don't know the GURPS rules.

Join the club. Most of the players are new to the rules. The web site and the threads on this site help guide you. Lack of rules knowledge is not penalized...lack of consistent posting is. The first adventure guides you through some of the most basic moves and rules as well as introducing you to the basic premise and storyline. If you read through these threads, the web site, and the GURPS Lite rules they link to, you shouldn't have any problem. And even if you don't want to do that, I'll help you along the way.

What is the 48 hour rule?

Basically, if you do not post for your character within 48 hours, I may post for you. If you continue not to post, your character may not survive for long. The Matrix is a dangerous place.

What benefits are there to posting regularly?

Your fellow players will like you. The game will move more quickly. The only thing slowing down the game is player post speed. I generally check the threads 2-3 times daily.

Also, your consistent posting may lead to "fudging rolls" in your favor...but don't count on this for sure. The gods occasionally have pity on their faithful servants. :)

Consistent posting results in more character points at the end of an adventure. Believe me, it pays off.

Why do so many characters die in this game?

The Matrix is a dangerous place. I think I mentioned that. Also, GURPS rules create more realism in combat scenarios than some other systems. This means that being injured is a serious thing. Further, players who slack off for a long time often see their characters meet a grisly demise.

To wit, if you are careful and post consistently, you will survive...probably.

When can we use super skills like in the movies?

By collecting character points at the end of adventures, you may use them to purchase skills. I will be introducing special skills as the adventures progress.

Also, the Focus Skill (which will also increase over time) allows you to move in "bullet speed" (which is the actual term used in making the movies). The rate of speed and number of times the skill can be used while jacked into the Matrix become important.

Why do you use so those three dots ... so much?

Three dots ... represent a roll. Because you can't see me roll dice (and because much of the time it is rolled on computer), this is my way of representing this (although not every roll is indicated by the dotted line).

My character has a strange personality. Is that okay?

Humorous characters, unloveable characters, even misanthropes, are perfectly welcome. The only thing that is not welcome is a boring character. Spice up the game...please.

Do you railroad characters into a preset story?

No. I create the setting, NPC's and the goals. You control your character, and your character can do whatever you want him to (within the confines of public decency). That said, I have an idea of what will happen and a general "story arc." Without this, the game would seem to have no purpose. But if your character went off on a sidetrek, I'd be there. I ask only that you respect the desires of the other players when making such decisions.

Can I be Neo?

Neo hasn't been born yet, and won't for many years to come...and he may not ever be born in this universe. Don't expect this to be just like the movies. It is modified for a game. In fact, you will find much more flexibility here than in the movies, and a much more varied world to accommodate players of many types and with different goals.

So what's our goal?

Destroy the machine world, led by the master computer Zero-One, and free the human race. You can only do that by becoming a "Master of the Matrix." Good luck.

But I don't have much time every day! What do I do?

If you have two minutes, you probably have enough time. Typing one sentence is often enough. Just have your character DO SOMETHING or SAY SOMETHING, so that I can know we're ready to move on. There's generally no need to type much, so if you log on daily (or every other day), check the moves and quickly post your character's move, that's all it takes.

What about cool weapons?

Weapons are either found in the Matrix or taken according to the codes (i.e. software) available to your Operator. Zion is still developing further codes. More weapons and other goodies will be coming.

Why does a 20 second battle take a week?

Three reasons. One, the game only moves as fast as its slowest posting player. Two, often players don't give enough information about what their characters will do, so I have to stop it after every few seconds. Three, GURPS battles are dangerous and realistic, and the unfortunate part of playing online is the delay. Therefore, I generally only include battle situations where there is a purpose behind it and I think you will generally enjoy it. If not, then you can always run away.

How authentically does this game mirror the movies?

As noted above, the game happens nearly a century earlier, and there is no Neo or prophecy, so there are a few small changes. There will also be abilities (such as healing and other ways of altering the code from within the Matrix that might almost seem like "magic"). The storyline is different, but I have tried to recreate the world as accurately as possible within that framework. Most of the slang and similar issues are taken from the movies or the Animatrix.

What is the best way to talk to other players outside the game?

Go to the OOC Notice thread and post there.

What do I do if I have any more questions?

Send a private message to me, and I will answer it.

My character died! What do I do now?

No problem. Let's think about your next character. Hopefully, this one has a better sense of self-preservation.

What is this about a parallel group?

Often in the games I run, I run two or more separate parties through separate adventures in the same world at the same time, and you may be asked to switch parties. This gives three benefits:

(1) I can put active players together for their own enjoyment (and less active players in a slower moving adventure);

(2) You can have more enjoyment switching from group to group, meeting other players, and engaging in various types of adventures with different game balances; and

(3) You can get information and clues from two simultaneous adventures (if public) while only having to have your character take the risks of one adventure at a time.

I have found that this method is enjoyed by both players and myself far more than a single static thread like a neverending story. It hops and jumps more...keeps you on your toes.

I'm really confused about the GURPS rules. Am I in over my head?

If you don't understand something, just post what your character intends to do, and I will work out the details (although I do appreciate it when characters give me as much as possible). The downside to this is that I have more work and you may not get all the bonuses if I inadvertently forget something. The upside is that you can relax. WARNING: I highly suggest you take a self-preservationist attitude if you don't fully understand the consequences of your character's actions.

What if I need to quit the game for some reason?

Life happens. I understand that. Just please, please, please let me know what is going on so I can plan for it. Silence IS NOT golden.

What if the other players aren't pulling their own weight?

There is an OOC thread for you to communicate with other players (out of character, meaning they can be themselves). Use it. If you are not happy with the pace of the game, let me know, and I can probably switch you to a "parallel group" (see above).

Why is there such a delay between moves?

There are two possible reasons for this:

(1) The players aren't posting fast enough and/or
(2) The players are consulting with me about their moves via private messages. This latter case often happens in combat situations where players carefully want to consider the probabilities of certain actions. I urge you to ask if you have questions, but I don't want to delay the game even an hour more than I need to, so I like to have a quick turn around on questions (i.e. please post your move ASAP after I answer your PM).

If it is not a combat situation, then it is likely that the players are not posting fast enough, but sometimes they are asking questions in the background (such as "Does my character know..."). This is also a good idea, but again, let's have a quick turnaround.

I find that games tend to slow down during holidays and final exam times, as many players are students.

I loved my character and mourn his death. Is there any way to resurrect him?

Sigh. Unfortunately, no. Or to be more accurate, not yet. However, all bodies of those dying in the Matrix are preserved in the ship in the hopes that they can one day be recovered. But don't hold your breath. Be careful.

My character is unconscious. What do I do?

First of all, don't post. Second, ask me if you have any questions about his survival. In GURPS, unconsciousness is a far cry from death. As they say in Zion, "It ain't over 'til your Operator says so." I don't like to have players incapacitated too long when they are active players, so talk to me about either (1) getting the character conscious or (2) starting a new character. I'm here to help.

I don't like my character. Can I create a new one?

Absolutely. Just let me know, and we'll write out your old one. Your new character may not have quite as many points to start with as all the other characters in the party, but he will close to the level of your previous character.

Is there any way for me to get bonus character points?

Yes. I will provide ways to earn bonus points as we go. Points are determined at the end of each scenario based on the following:

(1) Goals fulfilled;
(2) Enemies conquered;
(3) Interesting and In-Character Roleplaying;
(4) Active and consistent posting.

Points are kept secret between us, as are your character details. I suggest active posting and interesting roleplaying as the best ways to boost your character's abilities.

Are Agents indestructible?

No. They are locked in the code just like everyone else. However, they have great advantages in manipulating the Matrix Code and can appear almost god-like. But they can be destroyed. (I think of them at about the same power level as liches in fantasy games.) You should probably be wary of trying to take them head-on until you are quite advanced.

Agents, however, can "reconfigure." This means that their program can be plugged back into the Matrix and give them a "virtual resurrection."

Bitmap Image
As the paperwork discovered by Binary shows, Agents are constructs of Zero-One, programs written into the Matrix Code. They have no corporeal bodies, existing entirely as code within the Matrix. They do the bidding of the machine world and are the guardians and enforcers of Zero-One's will, possessing great skill in manipulation of the code.

Just like humans, Agents come in all shapes and sizes. Their skills vary with their programming (i.e. not all agents are created equal). But important jobs are almost always carried out by the highest level programming available.