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These are famous quotes by various personages in and out of the Matrix:

"The fiercest battles are not fought on battlegrounds.  
They are fought within a few cubic centimeters inside your skull.  
Exactly where the Matrix resides.
Exactly where you draw your power from."
--The Philosopher

"Everything you think you know about reality is wrong.
Learn to fight.  Learn to think.  Learn everything.
Manipulate the Matrix as you would the real world--but don't stop there."

"In the Matrix, the code is the law."

"The world is not a pretty place.  The Matrix is pretty much whatever the hell we make it."  

"There are layers upon layers upon layers.  And that's just scratching the surface."

"Leave your fantasies at the door, boys and girls.  You're jacking into the Matrix."

"I was startled to discover that my entire life consisted of nothing more than a sequence of zeroes and ones."

"What happens in the Matrix stays in the Matrix."  

"Do not hate the Matrix, for it does not hate you.
Do not embrace the Matrix, for it will not embrace you."

"Your true mission is the utter and complete destruction of the Matrix."

"By our past are we defined.  
By our actions are we molded.  
By our legacies are we remembered."
 --The Philosopher

"The past is the past.  But in the Matrix, every moment--every move--every thought--
is stored...somewhere in the program."

"Cling to those you trust.  
But then again, trust no one.  
Every program can be cracked.  
And how simpler is it yet to crack a man."

"In the Matrix, you are as you perceive yourself.  
Your vision makes you.  It will also destroy you.  
The Matrix can take as easily as it can give."  

"You want a tip?  Here's a quarter.
 Call your mother and tell her you ain't in the Matrix anymore.
Oh, that's right.  You ain't got a mother."

"Every program has its rules.  
Master the rules, and you master the program.  
Master the program, and you master the Matrix."
--The Philosopher