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Extreme Acrobatics
Extreme Acrobatics (10 CBP)
This skill allows the hacker to perform feats of acrobatic skill by riding the Matrix code.  The player must describe the feat the character is attempting, and his character will perform it with a successful Acrobatics check.  This skill is particularly useful for grabbing hold of items after jumping or while in mid-movement.
It also creates a movement modifier of -2 to all attacks if used as a defensive maneuver.
This skill can be used in conjunction with other related skills, such as Enhanced Jump, but it does not in itself allow for any abilities beyond the hacker's jacked in abilities.  This skill also allows the hacker to perform other functions during the acrobatics skill (such as firing a weapon) with no additional penalties.
Concentration: Yes.
Fatigue:  1 per use.
Prerequisites: Acrobatics Skill Level at 15+.
Matrix Disruption: 0%.